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  • Andres G.
  • Joseph S.
  • Monique R.
  • John M.
  • “I like having all fees resulting from ATM use reimbursed to me, no matter how often or how little I use ATMs. I also like it that there is no cap on how much these reimbursements can amount to.”

    Andres G.

  • “This representative was extremely kind, courteous, helpful, and knowledgeable. She was successfully able to resolve my issue quickly, and was very kind and attentive during the process. This representative sets a great example of what excellent customer service is.”

    Joseph S.

  • Best banking experience I ever had hands down

    Laura H.

  • The unbelievably kind and helpful customer service team is one of the main reasons I bank with LendingClub.

    Michael F.


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